Telehealth medicine

Telehealth medicine

Global capabilities, local expertise.

Convenient Telemedicine Solutions: Access Quality Healthcare from Anywhere.

Telehealth offers both symptomatic and chronic patients the opportunity to stay in their home and communicate with physicians through virtual channels, thereby avoiding exposure to hazards. 

Several important facts about our service:

2 reasons to choose AP Companies as a good alternative to Global Telehealth platforms:


AP Companies built its Global Network Online Solution to provide online access to consultations with the best medical facilities in each country. This means the patient can continue his treatment with his preferred physician from the comfort of his home or office, speaking his native language. In case of follow- up consultations, the doctor will have access to the medical history of the patient, his medical reports, etc. 

When investigating a Telehealth platform, it is not always evident which licenses the physicians’ have, where the ultimate responsibilities lie, etc. AP Companies’ Global Network Online Solution provides this information in a clear, concise manner to ensure the utmost confidence in the professionalism of the product being provided. 


An important and challenging part of telehealth service is the ability to obtain a medical prescription that is valid in the patient’s country, and accepted in local pharmacies. This type of document can only be issued by physicians licensed in the particular country. AP Companies offers Telehealth service through locally recognized medical facilities in various countries in order to meet this need.

Large Telehealth platforms are not always able to provide prescriptions and when they do, they provide cross border prescriptions which are not always accepted in different countries. AP Companies can alleviate this concern with our ability to obtain prescriptions in the patient’s immediate locale. 

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