Evacuations and repatriations

Evacuations and repatriations

AP Companies: Your Trusted Partner for Evacuation and Repatriation Services

With AP Companies, you have a reliable partner for all your evacuation and repatriation needs. Our extensive global network features air ambulances, road ambulances, and a wide network of medical providers worldwide. Our multinational team of doctors and nurses specializes in various disciplines, ensuring top-quality care for patients requiring evacuation or repatriation.

We tailor comprehensive mission plans to each patient's condition, covering everything from evacuation logistics to bed-to-bed transfers and medical escort services. Whether it's arranging commercial flights with seats, stretchers, or full ICU capabilities or coordinating air ambulance services, we handle it all with precision and expertise.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. Our medical team works closely with treating physicians, insurance providers and family members to ensure the best possible outcome for every patient. Plus, with our in-house medical escort services and global expertise, we deliver cost-efficient solutions without compromising on quality.

Communication is paramount throughout the process. Our 24/7 multilingual coordinators are adept at handling any situation that arises, providing regular updates and maintaining transparency every step of the way.

When entrusting your evacuation or repatriation mission to
AP Companies, rest assured it's in capable hands.

Our Services Offer:

Expert Medical Team
Our multinational team of doctors and nurses are trained in various disciplines, guaranteeing exceptional care for patients in need
Comprehensive Mission Planning
We create personalized plans tailored to each patient's condition, covering all aspects of evacuation and repatriation with precision and care
Cost-Effective Solutions
With our global network and expertise, we offer multiple options to ensure quality, cost and time efficiency for our clients.
Transparent Communication
Our 24/7 coordinators keep all stakeholders informed and in control throughout the process, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery.

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