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AP Companies blends global knowledge with local expertise to deliver exceptional medical assistance services worldwide. With an extensive network of healthcare providers, our dedicated team ensures prompt and effective customer service worldwide, catering to diverse health, security, and insurance needs.
AP Companies:
your reliable global healthcare partner.
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Office locations:
Spain, UK, USA, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Cyprus, Indonesia
Local representative locations:
Italy, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, China, India, Turkey, Montenegro, Serbia, Austria, Chile
AP Companies exceeds the expectations of leading healthcare and travel insurance companies, ensuring their members have access to a global network of medical providers. . Our extensive medical network covers all aspects of medical care,: from ground ambulances to hospitals, outpatient medical clinics, university hospitals, air ambulances, labs, vaccination centers, private practices, diagnostic centers, specialized medical units, pharmacies, optical shops and more. With our comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare solutions, we ensure optimal care for clients worldwide

Our global medical provider network includes over 80,000 professionals worldwide.

At AP Companies, our dedicated medical team is available round the clock to provide assistance and advice to patients. Whether it's offering simple lifestyle recommendations or managing critical cases, our extensive global presence and local expertise empower us to effectively address any routine care request, planned treatment, medical emergency or medical escort, ensuring comprehensive support 24/7.
AP Companies is always improving its technology and software to stay ahead. We utilize the latest tools to manage cases efficiently and affordably, providing detailed reporting and statistics to our clients.
Our customized in-house software streamlines our service process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in case management and claims handling. With features like personalized reminders, courtesy calls, follow-ups on prescribed treatments and access to top specialists, our case management database is equipped to deliver the highest standard of patient care.

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