13 May 2020

European medical providers have started to accept patients for planned medical care

From nationwide lockdowns to school shutdowns, European authorities have taken all kinds of measures in order to control the pandemics. According to publicly available information and media reports, the battle in Europe is almost won.

In such a fast moving emergency, the information is constantly changing and AP Companies has been closely monitoring the situation in public and private healthcare systems around the globe. We are now, happy to announce, that in the majority of European countries, such as: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and some others, the situation is getting back to normal. AP Companies is already coordinating planned outpatient and inpatient medical treatment in these countries.

In order to prevent exposure to COVID-19, we strongly advise to attend medical facilities only in case the problem can not to be solved through Teleconsultations. Please check AP Companies Telemedicine services in case you would like to access your preferred physicians through teleconsultation.

Please stay home to stay safe,

We stand by you.

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