8 May 2020

AP Companies Webinar

During the challenging time for international medical assistance, travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis, AP Companies continues to support customers with digital events, including a series of webinars that started yesterday with a highly successful event: Webinar on Medical Care in Europe during Covid-19.

The webinar raised high interest among our clients, and gathered a lot of attendees, among them top IPMI and Travel Insurance providers, as well as representatives of major cruise lines.

We spoke about the recent changes in the access to medical care, progresses in different countries, and the situation we are expecting to have in May in the countries where we service the members.

One of the main topics was Telemedicine solutions that AP Companies offer where the network access is still going to be limited and how we can help the members stay safe and healthy.

The webinar was very well received and we are now preparing the next one. The date and the topic will be announced soon. All attendees as usual will receive the recorded and PDF versions.

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