1 May 2020

AP Companies Global Network development

Covid19 has changed the world, the businesses and the plans of every single person, but, AP Companies team does not have time to “stand and stare”.

While it is a temporary break for many companies, AP Companies medical network department, evacuation and cost containment teams are busier than ever.

After 2 or 3 months, the world will start running again, with a different rules and with a different speed than before. Cost containment will become even more important, as each and every business will have to watch the costs very closely in order to overcome the consequences of the current crisis.

AP Companies always tries to think one step forward, therefore we use this opportunity to work with medical facilities who are not currently involved in Covid19 treatment.

We take this moment as chance to grow our network in different regions, especially in Asia (35%), Latin America (27%) and Europe (5%). During this time the amount of our direct billing providers in these regions, was increased for more than 67 in total%.

On the other hand, we took this opportunity to increase our network of pharmacies and optical shops in Europe, this part of network has grown 35%.

A part from that, AP Companies network department, has managed to revise negotiated pricelists with our medical providers and reach new discounts and more favorable agreements for future collaboration.

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