25 May 2022


A new step in AP’s evolution has been focused on improvement of members’ experience when seeking care with medical providers.

With the shift of the population’s social behavior and growing preferences to use available technological tools when managing their needs, AP Companies concentrated on development of the new application where members will be able to adhere the service independently, without extra hustle of having to contact and ask for arranging the care.

AP Direct application’s objective is to offer the members direct access to AP’s network and make the process of receiving the medical care on a cashless basis more effortless and efficient.

AP Direct is a secure mobile application that will help the member to search for providers in their local area, enable member to generate a digital AP Direct Membership Card and request placement of the Guarantee of Payment.

AP Direct mobile app connects to AP’s network of providers where the member can choose the hospitals or clinics available on a cashless basis and request AP support team to place the Guarantee of Payment with the medical facility before receiving the service.

AP Direct is an easy, user-friendly application which permits patients to connect and acquire the services much faster giving an option to handle the preferences by the member independently.

AP Direct is a reliable and effective solution for management of the organization and provision of medical care with cashless access, bringing the insured closer to the future of clinical progression and a distinct, new phase in the member-insurance-doctor relationship.

AP Direct App is going through the final test phase and is programmed for the launch shortly.

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