28 Feb 2018

AP Companies provides medical support to it’s Clients during FIFA 2018.

One of the key aspects in preparations for successful Championship is to ensure accessibility the highest standard of medical services, including first aid and emergency medical care for participating teams, the FIFA delegation, guests and spectators during the competition.

AP Companies medical team has an experience of more that 10 years of setting up medical units for their clients in different regions of the world. During FIFA 2018 AP will set up 34 medical units in different cities and towns around Russia where matches will take place as requested by it’s Clients.

AP Companies network team has performed thorough investigation of the local healthcare facilities available during the Championship and prepared some information about their availability and capabilities to service all kind of healthcare needs.

Please see the details in the file below.

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27 Nov 2017
AP Companies has expanded networks in Romania and Greece.

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