25 Mar 2020

AP Companies makes its remote medical units in 47 countries available to healthcare authorities in order to help fight against Coronavirus.

With the continued spread of COVID-19, a huge pressure is put on healthcare facilities in most affected countries, including a possible shortage of hospital beds, medical specialists and equipment.

AP Companies, international medical assistance company, specialized in providing emergency and planned medical services for crew members, travelers, and expats around the world, decided to make its remote medical units in 47 countries available to communities to help address the growing impact of the COVID-19 on healthcare systems around the world from 01st of April 2020.

These remote medical units include patient monitoring facilities, providing cardiac, respiratory, oxygen saturation and video monitoring capabilities. A part from that, they are equipped with central cardiac monitoring, ventilators and other key medical devices and capabilities.

“Every company related to medical care, has a role to play in these challenging times, and we are happy to provide our support to the healthcare systems in order to save more lives” - said the Managing Partner of AP Companies, Liana Absaliamova.

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