10 Sep 2020

AP Companies launches patient-centric Telemedicine solution.

Leading international medical assistance provider AP Companies is proud to introduce not only virtual medical consultations but online quality medical care, as well.

Our telemedicine solution is based on a unique portal wherein each patient has his own personal area and various medical facilities can connect in order to provide high quality medical advice.

APs new portal, launched this summer, was prompted by the necessity for such a solution due to the global Pandemic.

We were surprised to discover that currently, the main users of this service are seafarers.

According to a recent study, medical emergencies annually force 1 in 5 ships to change their route, at an average cost of more than 160,000 euros per diversion. At least 20% of the cases are ultimately deemed non-critical and could have easily been avoided by using telemedical assistance.

Quick access to telemedicine onboard can also provide peace of mind to the crew and ship master by helping to identify preventable cases in order to avoid emergency changes of route.

During the last month of August AP Companies was able to provide more than 250 remote consultations in multiple languages and locations.

Our Telemedicine solution is available on all continents with quality medical care attainable for each patient. AP is capable of providing quality medical care in different languages with various cultural backgrounds, all while delivering a trustworthy medical experience by appropriately licensed professionals.

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