9 Sep 2019

AP Companies is going East

AP companies keeps exploring the world and expanding to new locations to satisfy the needs of the growing market. Our network team of dedicated managers with local knowledge and a solid background in the healthcare market is aiming at one of the most difficult markets, Asia and Far East.

Our first stop on the way to another breakthrough expansion is China, where historically international collaboration has been a challenge. As of yesterday, AP Companies had a network of about 2000 medical facilities, which is now growing exponentially and as of today we already doubled the number of contracted facilities in this country.

Whole expanding in China, we also concentrate our forces in other Asian locations: South Korea, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan and Hong-Kong are the leaders in terms of newly contracted providers.

Direct billing with package prices are becoming a reality in the Asian countries both for in- and out-patient services and we are happy to commit to new expansions in this region.

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17 Jun 2019
AP Companies is constantly expanding direct billing network!

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