5 Feb 2024

AP Companies has started facilitating access to medical care for professional workers at windmills

Wind energy is a rapidly growing industry, providing a clean and renewable source of energy. However, wind turbines are often located in remote areas, making it difficult for remote employees to access healthcare. The work environment can be dangerous leading to increased risk of being injured at work.
AP Companies medical Team has started providing Telemedicine, setting up remote health clinics and help workers to access local medical facilities by video conferencing, phone calls, and other forms of electronic communication.
By using AP telemedicine, workers can access healthcare services without having to travel long distances. Telemedicine can also be used to provide preventive care, such as health screenings and vaccinations.
AP offers a number of health solutions for wind turbine specialists, including:
• easy access to medical care 
• saving on time and costs by accessing a medical specialist immediately 
• continuity of care
• reduced risk of infection and any potential complications 
As the wind energy industry continues to grow, telemedicine will play an increasingly important role in providing healthcare to workers in remote locations.

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