3 Sep 2018

AP Companies Global Solutions has introduced a new App

AP Companies Global Solutions has introduced a new App for managing medical assistance all over AP networks.

“We know that our clients and their members are eager to find innovative ways to better manage their medical assistance services,” says AP Companies Managing Partner Liana Absaliamova. “We developed this App to minimize any calls to call center and see all necessary info in App in real time. Now confirmation of coverage for medical expenses to the nearest medical facility takes less than 5 minutes.”

The new App, AP calls its “Quick help”, is integrated with AP network and operations data base so users can track medical facilities according to specialty, type and location. The App also lets users conduct a Telehealth visit and connect with assistance specialists.

"AP developed “Quick help” to make it easier for AP clients and their members to access their benefits info and for prompt access to the medical service" - says AP digital services manager Rita Levitov.

With a wide range of existing clients, the App offers specifically for AP's clients and their members an easy, secure and convenient system to service claims and to access medical provider network. After downloading the App and registering an account, the member can sign in and manage medical care with the following services:

- The contact information and specialty of healthcare providers

- Policy information and documents

- Submit claims: easy, anytime, anywhere

- Find accredited hospitals

- Healthy tips

- Telehealth conference

- Contact with coordinator

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14 May 2018
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