4 Apr 2024

A Fresh Identity, a Global Impact

AP Companies Sets the Stage for Unmatched Global Medical Assistance

AP Companies, a leading provider of international medical health management, TPA services, cost containment and corporate health risk mitigation, proudly announce the launch of its new branding. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, the company presents its refreshed brand identity to better reflect its global presence and dedication to quality and cost-efficient solutions for its clients worldwide.

As a trusted partner in the field of international health management, AP Companies has expanded its network across all continents including Americas with more than 85 000 direct medical providers, providing comprehensive support and services to clients. With a network that spans across the globe AP Companies remains steadfast in its mission to deliver top-tier medical solutions wherever and whenever they are needed.

"We are excited to present our reinvented brand to the world," said Natalya Butakova, CEO at AP Companies. "This rebranding represents our ongoing commitment to innovation as we continue to evolve and grow in the global market."

The rebranding effort introduces a fresh logo, visual identity, and development strategy, embodying AP Companies' fundamental principles of reliability, effectiveness, and empathy. With this renewed brand identity, AP Companies reaffirms its leadership in the international medical health management sector, committed to delivering seamless and inclusive solutions to its broad spectrum of global clients.

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