Office locations:
Spain, UK, USA, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Cyprus, Indonesia
Local representative locations:
Italy, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, China, India, Turkey, Montenegro, Serbia, Austria

AP companies timeline

AP Companies opened a new office in the USA, providing medical service and costs containment in all 50 states.
2020 and 2021
AP Companies Group has been recognized as the Best Assistance Company of the Year by ITIJ.
AP ‘19
8 global offices and 77 representations around the globe >300 employees Managing >350 clients
AP offers its direct billing networks to global Clients and takes on board 6 top world known Companies
AP opens offices and representations around the globe
AP wins its first claims handling management contract and started to work in local markets with healthcare services for expats
AP is established in Malaga, SPAIN
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Find the nearest medical provider

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