18 Apr 2022

Biomedical Calibration and Certification Services

AP Companies is proud to announce the addition of a new service for our cruise line clients – Biomedical Calibration and Certification Services. This service will provide a tailored biomedical and x-ray equipment service plan for vessels located primarily within Asian and Australian ports.

All calibration and certification services are provided by experienced, licensed Biomedical Technicians with extensive working knowledge of diagnostic, laboratory and radiology equipment. For ease of movement, quick turnaround time and reasonable travel costs, all technicians are located within the service region.

This comprehensive service includes a full-range inspection, assessment, testing and calibration of all medical and x-ray equipment. Each inspection will include a detailed report containing current operational status, end-of-life record keeping and advice, hazard and recall notices, corrective action taken to address potential hazards and advice regarding future replacement alternatives. A certificate of calibration and certification is provided to the vessel, as well as a tailored annual service plan to meet compliance requirements in the future.

AP Companies looks forward the introduction of this new Calibration and Certification program to our valued, cruise line clients.

17 Mar 2022
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