17 Mar 2022

AP Companies network update

AP's current network has grown by 19,2 % compared to the last year, and by 203% for the last 4 years. Today we have:

-more than 1500 pharmacies in 125 countries,

-more than 1600 providers related with covid-19 testing and treatment in 92 countries,

-about 700 optical shops in 50 countries,

-almost 550 telemedicine providers in 77 countries.

In 2021, more than 5,2% of cases from the total number of cases were related to Covid-19.

We have not only added new providers to serve our clients, but also implemented a new process for verifying compliance with their capabilities and prices to provide our customers with complete information on providers and avoid fraud cases.

Our network and medical teams are constantly working together to improve the cost-containment system, thereby achieving an objective analysis of estimated costs and receiving discounts. Last year we have implemented an automated saving report, that is available for our clients, demonstrating reasons and amounts of cost-containment. We implemented an automated report that can be accessed by our customers, demonstrating the reasons and volumes of cost containment.
AP is always here to help its clients and provide the best expertise about the medical network in different regions. 

5 Mar 2022


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