28 Feb 2022

AP Companies strategy to supports

In response to increasing tension in Ukraine and surrounding countries, and the growing potential of military conflict, AP Companies has developed a solid strategy in order to support its clients, insurance companies, who have insured members in Ukraine.

AP Companies is in close contact with medical providers in Ukraine, and for the moment is able to organize any kind of requested treatment in this country.

Due to the fact, that AP Companies has a local office in Ukraine, we are able to provide services with no interruption and have a precious access to the verified information in real time, from the first hands.

We have contacted all our Evacuation and Repatriation providers in this area in order to make sure AP Companies will be able to evacuate members that would need to leave Ukraine.

If you need any further information, please contact your account manager for more details.

11 Jan 2022
AP Companies servicing major cruise lines during winter season 2021-2022


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