11 Jan 2022

AP Companies servicing major cruise lines during winter season 2021-2022

Following successful summer season in Mediterranean, Major cruise lines move to Caribbean and Middles East to continue surprising its clients with gorgeous and safe, unique vacation experience.

AP Companies is very happy to support its clients in the Cruise Industry in a wide variety of ports in Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Curacao, Barbados, Brazil, Grenada, Guadalupe, Oman, Qatar, Dubai and many others.

Major cruise lines count on AP Companies, for the variety of medical services such as: shore side medical appointments, Covid-19 testing, Covid-19 Management etc.

Cruising is considered one of the safest ways of exploring the world at the moment, as the industry has adopted severe measures to protects its passengers and crew. AP Companies is very happy to form part of the Global Security Strategy for such a huge industry.

13 Dec 2021
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