22 Mar 2017

AP Companies discovers Micronesia.

"AP Companies is doing a great job in Asia Pacific and Oceania!" - said Radmila Sarkisian, Business Development Manager of AP Companies after AP Operations team has readily managed to evacuate the Patient from the smallest island in the middle of Pacific Ocean to the mainland. Now we are able to arrange emergency medical transportation covering islands remotely located from the mainland due to successful process coordination from our Myanmar office.

"We never stop to develop and have impaneled more than 50 new providers in Australia, New Zealand and Federated States of Micronesia to our Asia Pacific network", - said Svetlana Eroshina, Network Manager of AP Companies.

AP Companies is aimed to enlarge its office in Myanmar for servicing all Asia and Pacific area.

19 Jan 2017
AP Companies Increases direct billing medical network in Switzerland, Austria and Germany


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