19 Jan 2017

AP Companies Increases direct billing medical network in Switzerland, Austria and Germany

The international medical TPA AP Companies has announced the expansion of its direct billing medical network in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. This will expand AP’s network by more than 782 providers and increase its range of access to hospitals in these regions.

AP Companies is one the global leaders in the provision of direct billing medical services for expat insurance companies and will add 79 doctors and more that 600 hospitals to its network in Europe.

The increase in direct billing network will be completed in March 2017.

AP's network director, Robert Woods, said "AP Companies direct billing medical network in Europe is designed to offer our clients more discounts and fair rates when accessing the local network for care and to reduce out-of-pocket costs at the time that care is delivered." The advantage of using AP’s direct billing medical network is that it provides patients with easy access to healthcare services 24/7. Process for making claims and receiving healthcare payments is very simple and user friendly for the providers.

AP Companies network consists today of more that 38 000 direct medical providers.

10 Oct 2016
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