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Maritime medical assistance

AP Companies provides a full range of services for crew members and their families.


Professional medical check up 

Fair Costs
WE CAN HELP YOU if your current costs of obtaining PEME/REME certificates are high
Quick Service
WE CAN HELP YOU if current PEME/REME examinations take too much time
Top Quality
WE CAN HELP YOU if the quality of PEME/REME examination is not always 100% guaranteed

AP Companies’ Professional Medical Check-up program is the right choice.  

AP Companies’ comprehensive network of medical providers specialize in Medical checkups in different countries and in combination with an experienced in-house medical team, will be able to achieve the best quality and best timing for the best price!


Ports of call medical management 

AP Companies will be happy to provide you with its’ high-quality Ports of call medical management solution, based on a large network of verified providers within all ports in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our dedicated multilingual team of coordinators will assist with medical appointments and our medical team will review the treatment plan to ensure all medical expenses are reasonable and customary. 

Cost Control in the ports of call
Speak to us if you cannot control medical expenses in the ports
Fair Pricing
Speak to us if your current providers charge you special “maritime” rates
Itemized bills
Speak to us if your current medical bills are not transparent and itemized
Access to medical appointments in any port
Speak to us if you are not able to guarantee the access to the requested medical service in each and every port
100% GDPR
Speak to us if your current solution is not completely GDPR compliant


Home country case management 

Based on our local experience in different countries, AP Companies will select the most appropriate medical facility, and our medical team will agree on the optimized treatment plan with the treating doctor and employer. Additionally, our dedicated coordinators will remain in constant communication with the crew member during this process to ensure he returns onboard as quickly as possible.

Relying on Medical Assistance professionals allows ship owners to obtain the best medical service in the shortest time and for the best price. Moreover, a seafarer’s satisfaction with such quality medical assistance contributes to their efficiency on board and improves safety of the entire operation. 


  • if you experience difficulty in selecting the right medical provider for the most efficient long-term treatment for your crew member
  • if the treatment of crew members in their home countries takes too long
  • if the crew members are unhappy and turn to legal advisers in order to resolve their situation that began as a medical treatment in their home country
  • if the medical service in the home countries is expensive and inefficient
  • if you need to examine medical bills for fraudulence

AP Companies Medical Management of Home Country Cases, is the right choice.

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