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Over 18 years
of experience providing medical support

One of AP Companies’ major activities is setting up medical units. We have been acting as main medical provider on major sports events, concerts, conferences, etc.

Currently, we have set up and maintained over 47 medical units on a regular basis and up to 15 temporary event-oriented medical units every year. Our services include anything from planning the medical unit, licensing it, provision of equipment and medications, running it with our own medical staff to setting up medical evacuation plan to cover several stages of evacuation.

Our medical units are located on remote constructions site, river cruise vessels, barges, stadiums and conference halls. The coordination of medical cases is being done through our 24/7 call center which can also be easily accessible for any type of telemedicine consultations and second opinion.

Medical Units Set up

AP Companies Medical Group has over 18 years of experience providing medical support to railroad repairing sector throughout 23 countries. We offer professional remote medical units service, equipment, medications and personnel that exceed industry standards.

What do we do:

  • Mobile Emergency Medical support: Small mobile treatment centers, which follow the reconstruction team wherever they need to go, ensuring timely, effective first aid and transportation.
  • Medical stations (doctors or nurse): Small fixed treatment facilities and trailers ensure a warm, clean, and safe environment for first-aid, emergency care, and on-going medical support.
  • Medical units on board: Small fixed treatment units on board of the river and sea ships. Ensure a warm, clean, and safe environment for first aid, emergency care, on-going medical support, and sanitary control.
  • Plan for emergency: We always assist in creating emergency response plans for worksites and reconstruction team. If you would like to get an estimated cost for medical unit set up, please contact our main medical office.

We will provide you with the cost and procedure for setting up:

  • Mobile medical unit
  • Fixed medical unit / on board
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical license
  • Medical staff
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Each of our Clients has a direct access to our on-line provider database – the Portal. The Portal it's our own database of providers all over the world, developed in a way to give you and your insured access mode on-line to the full list of providers, in the regions where AP Companies provide services.
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