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Global markets are playing an increasingly important role in everyday life. This is seen through emerging countries attracting companies for possible new expansions as well as employees professionally migrating and adapting to local lifestyles in their countries of assignment.  

Living in a new country is always a challenge, especially in reference to healthcare. Different standards of care (sometimes no standards at all), language barriers, limited number of medical providers, lack of private clinics and hospitals, lengthy travel time to the nearest medical facility, lack of specialists – these are several, but definitely not all the issues expats may face while on assignment.

AP Companies is an expert in local healthcare in more than 180 countries. We know exactly what is available and where and how to access the highest level of medical care possible in a particular location at a reasonable cost. We deal with more than 50,000 emergencies every year and handle more than 450,000 claims for planned treatments.

AP Companies’ medical team and the insurance company’s medical team remain in constant contact in order to evaluate local healthcare capabilities, determine best treatment plans in complicated cases, and make timely decisions regarding evacuation of the patient back to his home country should certain treatment not be available locally.


AP Companies offers to its clients the following range of services for expats:  

hotline and email access
Multilingual capability
we speak 36 languages in-house and our contact centers are available 24/7
Cashless access
to more than 41,200 medical facilities
about our global network
Concierge services
AP Companies provides a one-point-of-contact service. There are dedicated contact lines in the requested regions and languages to ensure the expats can communicate and have medical treatment arranged in the language of their choice with no wait times and administrative inconveniences.
Claims management and cost containment
AP Companies appreciates the critical importance of efficient claims management and cost containment practices. We have solid experience in cost containment aimed at achieving maximum and transparent savings to our clients.

Concierge Services

We operate as a global company delivering consistent 24-hour service coordinated across time zones. Our investment in developing a complete servicing and support infrastructure, using expert resource and leading-edge technology means that help can be coordinated immediately and seamlessly.

Whether at a global or local level, we have the resources and experience to provide a fast and flexible response to our members’ needs, offering fully integrated medical assistance including a broad range of services.

Concierge service is aimed at providing the insured members of our clients with a one-point-of-contact access to the medical facilities by ensuring that for any medical need, a member is just a call away from having the treatment arranged and confirmed.



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