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AP Companies has been servicing insured expats since 2007 in more than 170 countries. We are very well aware of the needs and expectation as well as the main challenges faced by expats and their families while living in foreign countries.

Different standards of care (sometimes no standards at all), language barriers, limited number of medical providers, lack of private clinics and hospitals, long travel time to the nearest medical facility, lack of specialists – these are some, but definitely not all issues which expat might face while on assignment.

AP Companies is an expert in local healthcare in more than 170 countries. We know exactly what is available, where and what is the best way to access the highest level of medical care possible in a particular location. We deal with more than 36 000 emergencies every year and handle more than 380 000 claims for planned treatment.

Our medical team and medical team of insurance company stay in constant contact to evaluate local healthcare capabilities, determine best treatment plans in a more complicated cases, make a timely decision about the evacuation of the patient back to the home country in case certain treatment is not available locally.

AP Companies provides access to direct billing medical services in more than 170 countries:

  • Hospitalization and Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient including Rx, Specialists Fees, and Physiotherapy
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Care
  • House Calls
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Medical transportation.

Cost Containment

Effective cost containment can have a huge impact on corporate expenditure or the profitability of an underwriter. AP Companies specialist Cost Containment team consistently achieves significant savings worldwide. Key elements of our service include:

  • Access to our global network of hospitals, clinics, and visiting doctors
  • Guaranteed discounts in-network hospitals located in popular tourist/expats destinations
  • Exclusively negotiated fixed rates for specific medical procedures
  • An office in Moscow providing 'hands-on' control of the billing process
  • Direct billing arrangements with payments made in any currency
  • Close monitoring and regular 'spot checks' of high volume/problem facilities
  • An in-house travel department with direct relationships with airlines and hotel groups to ensure the availability of flights and accommodation at discounted rates

Payment Protection

A new entrant to the creditor claims market; AP Companies brings a new approach to cost-effective management of payment protection claims. With a focus on protecting insurers against fraud and exaggerated claims, key features of the AP Companies service include:

  • Cognitive interviewing at claim notification stage to guard against fraudulent claims
  • Medical assessments by our own in-house specialists
  • Experienced claims handlers with strong technical and product knowledge

Full reporting by scheme, condition, and section of cover.

Health care management

Free health care doesn't exist. The only question which matters is - who sponsors the medical service: either the state, or employer, or insurance company, or the patient himself. Each country has its own health care system based on a number of distinguishing historical, geographical, political and cultural factors.

Thus, Great Britain has developed a centrally-regulated health care system financed with public taxes, with certain powers being delegated to municipalities and localities. Medical care is gratuitous and free for all. The core of the system comprises general practitioners' service and hospitals. Local authorities contract general practitioners whose salaries depend on the work volume and density of population in the region. Similar systems, but less centralized, are practiced in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Scandinavian countries.

In USA, health care forms part of the private enterprise system, even though nowadays the federal and state funds contribute almost 50% of the overall payments. Medical services are covered by the patient directly or through insurance funds, or with health care entitlement programs, such as Medicare for aged people or Medicaid for low-income Americans. The first aid is provided by both: general practitioners and medical specialists, as well as at the Emergency departments in public hospitals.

Developing countries experiencing financial difficulties but aspired to introduce the western healthcare practice develop big hospitals aimed at providing complex and intensive health care. However, though such a system ensures a thorough and qualified medical assistance to the urban population, it ignores the demands of the rural majority and low-income citizens.

AP Companies is an expert in medical assistance in 185 countries, including Russia, CIS, Balkan States & Eastern Europe. If you didn't find useful information on this website, please leave your request for additional materials on the page Contact Us, and we will be pleased to provide you with all the relevant information regarding medical support.

Health check-ups

AP Companies is specialized in arranging medical health check-ups for professional workers, annual checks for executives, pre-employment and re-employment examination.

  • We possess a medical provider network of over 6000 selected hospitals/clinics across Eastern Europe, Balkan states, Russia, former CIS countries, which specialize on carrying out check-ups.
  • Each one of the carefully selected providers is personally visited, surveyed by AP Companies network representatives once in every 2 years.
  • High-quality check-ups are very much appreciated by AP Companies Clients as they help to minimize the risks for the employee, as well as for the employer, when sending a person on a long term assignment abroad, or hiring for the professional services.

The requirement for the checkup providers from AP Companies side are set very high: from the satisfaction of the basic requirement from local regulations to ensuring the continuity of test samples, understanding the nature of work of the patient by the doctor, etc.

Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Nowadays many insurance and self-insured companies are looking for greater financial control over medical charges in Europe, Russia, former Soviet Union countries and Balkan states, hoping to reduce their expenses, willing to get rid of fraud, inflated bills and to predict costs. We develop innovative TPA approaches to achieve claims efficiencies and reduce the cost of claim administration for healthcare insurance and self-insured companies. We have an integrated TPA services program for handling claims with expertise in processing and cost control.

We are the only credible independent provider of claims TPA services on the territory of Europe, Russia, and CIS countries. We can offer superior quality managed care as a result of being staffed almost entirely by doctors and nurses. The medical knowledge and expertise of our staff enable us to control costs by carefully managing individual case and avoiding unnecessary expenses. We can also provide full Chief Medical Officer Responsibilities for insurance companies.

AP Companies in-house medical team of more than 66 professionals oversees the Treatment Guarantee process. They check the treatment you are receiving is appropriate, medically necessary, and ensure that all treatments, medical evacuations or repatriations are processed effectively and always-on time.

AP Companies TPA services:

  • Enrollment and Provider Database Maintenance
  • 24/7 access to AP Companies medical network of more than 37 000 contracted direct providers all over the world
  • Health Claims Processing
  • Automated system of Claims Payment/Management
  • Placement of the letter of guarantee
  • Managing plans with deductibles and co-insurances
  • Strict cost control (Unique automated cost containment system)
  • Guaranteed discounts applying
  • Healthcare Management
  • Network Management
  • Reimbursement services
  • Our TPA services are provided on a savings fee basis and can be tailored to meet your business’s specific needs. We can help your company to manage the costs of claims and reduce the incidence and severity of losses.

By providing business clients with access to AP Companies TPA has proven claims and cost management programs, AP Companies strives to manage claim costs that can result in significant savings for a client’s business.

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