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19 Mar 2020

AP Companies update COVID-19

AP Companies update COVID-19

In the past few days, nearly every person and company has become affected because of the global spread of COVID-19: quarantines in some countries, severe restrictions on the arrival of international travelers and, of course, the danger of getting infected by the virus itself.

New cases of COVID-19 has now slowed down in China, where it has started at the end of December, but have yet to peak in most other countries of the world. That peak will arrive in the coming weeks and we'll probably need to be patient and wait until pandemic is over and our industry will reboot.

COVID-19 is the biggest challenge international health industry has ever faced but staying attentive and patient, keep up with all the latest regulations and recommendations will surely allow the industry to recover from this massive disruption.

As AP Companies handles hundreds of medical cases around the world for seafarers, travelers, tourists, expats around the world, we stay on top of the news when it comes to managing and containing the newly detected COVID-19.

AP medical team closely follows changes around the globe where certain territories are quarantined or travel restricted or access to medical care is limited etc.

We continue our operation 24/7 and support our clients globally on a regular basis with no interruption of our services.

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