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24 Mar 2020

AP Companies’ Unprecedented security measures to protect employees from Covid-19

AP Companies’ Unprecedented security measures to protect employees from Covid-19

AP Companies has a comprehensive business contingency plan according to ISO27001 quality systems which has been updated for COVID-19, ensuring the safety of APC employees and clients.

The extra measures that have been taken to ensure the safety of the employees in the office are the following:

All business trips are cancelled and all the people returning from the trips remain working from home during 14 days.

The majority of staff has been granted a remote VPN access to the systems and work remotely.

All business meetings are done remotely and no foreign guests are admitted in the offices.

All the products delivered to the offices are left in front of the reception with no contact with the couriers.

30% of employees still work from the office (in some countries) and the following measures are taken to complete the strict security rules and local healthcare authorities recommendations:

  1. Our nurses measure temperature to all the employees working in the office at the beginning and in the middle of the shift.
  2. Hand sanitizers are placed in each desk and in places of common usage.
  3. The distance between the employees is of 1,5 meter.
  4. All the desks are daily disinfected.

Our IT department is constantly working to enable 100% of employees to work remotely and by the end of the current week, this objective will be fulfilled, so that we are ready to go on 100% remote model in all our offices if that is required by the constantly changing situation.

We wish you to stay well and healthy in these challenging days. AP Companies continues business as normal and available 24/7 to support your Members, Clients with anything needed.
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