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11 Mar 2019

AP Companies saved 45% for Maritime Companies

AP Companies saved 45% for Maritime Companies.

Medical expenses and Cost Containment for Maritime Companies.

It is a known fact that medical facilities on the biggest ports and in the home countries of the seafarers normally would have a different, very expensive price list for the seafarers and shipping companies.

AP Companies has been servicing Major cruise lines, professional maritime insurers, P&I clubs and ship owners for more than 10 years. “During this time, we managed to save up to 45% of medical expenses on evacuation and repatriations, medical cases in ports of call and treatment in the home countries”- comments Helen Glukhman, Global Project Manager of AP Companies.

We reach such a high percentage of savings through active case management, automated cost containment tools, price and discounts negotiations, selection of relevant medical facilities and recommendations of relevant ports and countries for the treatment.

All this tools help us to make sure that the crew member gets the best, and most cost efficient treatment, the treatment corresponds to the international standards and the crew member really needs this particular treatment.

Active case management.

AP Companies has a medical team, that consists of doctors and nurses. They check all medical reports line by line, to make sure that the treatment offered to the crew member was justified, it coincides with CPT4 and ICD10 agreed procedures, and the pricing for the services is “reasonable and customary”.

In this way, we make sure the ship-owners do not overpay for medical treatment and the crewmember receive only the best and most relevant treatment.

The reporting is very transparent: the ship owner would receive the original bill from the medical facility, the translation of the medical report (if the language of the report is not English) and a separate cover document from AP Companies.

Wide network of more than 37 000 facilities around the world.

AP Companies has a wide network of international medical providers around the world. Being the TPA for major IPMI providers, allows AP Companies to accumulate buying power and volumes, that finally gives AP Companies an opportunity to negotiate discounts and special package prices in a large range of medical facilities in different countries.

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