17 Jun 2019

AP Companies is constantly expanding direct billing network!

Global healthcare market geography is constantly expanding to new regions, and more and more countries are becoming of vital importance. Since the beginning of this year, AP Companies has strengthened its presence in the previously covered regions, including Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America, and focused on an intensive growth of the direct billing facilities in some key locations.

In 2018 AP Companies started to actively expand the network of directly contracted pharmacies and optical shops, with a possibility of servicing our clients on a direct billing basis. Upon a geometrical growth of the network and a very positive receipt by a large number of our clients, we expanded this project to 2019.

AP Companies are proud to announce new additions of optical providers in such countries as Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ireland, Malta, Mongolia, the Netherlands and Serbia. A new network of pharmacies has been developed in Cyprus as well. Overall the number of countries for optical and pharmacy network has reached 30 countries and will continue to grow.

8 Apr 2019
AP Companies developed Pharmacies and Optical shops network on a direct billing basis.


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