21 Jul 2015

AP Companies developed direct billing network in Scandinavia

“We are pleased to announce that AP Companies’ team has recently developed direct billing network in Scandinavia, - said Susan Grays, overseas network manager for AP Companies, - and we provide a Direct Billing system for our clients’ convenience with over 22 medical facilities around the region.”

To use the direct billing service in this very area, your insured member has just present his insurance card to the reception desk of the medical facility.

We offer globally to the insurance companies our high-quality assistance care and innovative online IT services for claims processing. We are working with our clients to develop direct billing network solutions at a reasonable cost and good care.

If you would like to enquire more about the medical facilities that offer direct billing arrangements for AP in Scandinavia, please contact our network team at network@ap-companies.com . If the medical facility you require is not in the list and does not currently provide direct billing service through AP, please let us know. We can approach this facility and try to establish a direct billing relationship for your convenience.

9 Jun 2015
Medical network during Baku 2015 European Games recommended by AP Companies


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